Anand Chowdhary

Anand Chowdhary built Uppload as a consultant to El Niño. He is a creative technologist and entrepreneur, and the co-founder and CEO of Oswald Labs, an award-winning accessibility technology company that builds products for people with disabilities.

He is best known for his work on web accessibility and is also an active open-source contributor. As a developer advocate, he has spoken at 20+ events around the world about startups, technology, and design, and is also a consultant to several startups and studios like El Niño, the developers of Uppload. At El Niño, he was a consultant specializing in frontend engineering and accessibility.

In April 2018, he made the first commit to Uppload (56bd930), and in September 2019, to Uppload v2 (073a091). Since then, he has been actively managing issues and merging pull requests.