Using in browsers directly

If you don’t want to bundle your assets using a bundler like Webpack (which is recommended because you can save on bytes with treeshaking), you can also use Uppload directly in the browser.

For this, you have to import the browser.js file from a CDN, such as Unpkg, along with the required CSS. All exports are available in the window object, prefixed with uppload_ to prevent window property pollution.

So, in a browser:

import { Uppload, en } from "uppload";

are available as:

/* and */ window.uppload_en

To get started, you can use the window.uppload_Uppload class:

const image = new window.uppload_Uppload({
  lang: window.uppload_en
  new window.uppload_Local(),
  new window.uppload_Instagram()

A JSFiddle example shows you how to get started. Make sure you look at the “Resources” panel in the sidebar to see the imported JavaScript and CSS files.

You can also view the source code of browser.ts to see a list of window properties exposed.