Uppload can be themed based on your liking. You can choose from the dark or light theme, or write your own theme.

You can import the CSS in your JavaScript using a bundler like Webpack:

import { Uppload } from "uppload";
import "uppload/dist/uppload.css"; // Basic styles
import "uppload/dist/themes/light.css"; // Light theme

const uppload = new Uppload();

You can also use the Sass source code instead:

@import "uppload/src/styles/uppload.scss";
@import "uppload/src/themes/light.scss";

Or, use a CDN for styling:

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="">

Custom theme

Instead of importing a theme, you can also design a custom theme. The best way is to look at the source code of light.scss and use the same CSS classes. You’ll only have to change the color variables.

Alternately, you can overwrite some rules instead of building your own theme. The theme.scss file applies the color variables to the widget, so that’s a good starting point for that.